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PACES is open to discussing ways we can help students and educators, especially with members of the communities served by our local schools. Please  contact us  with program ideas or alerts about needed school resources. 


Get Involved

The Pittsburgh Assistance Center for Educators and Students (PACES) encourages anyone interested in supporting our mission  to contact us at info@pittsburghaces.org. There are several ways you can become involved:



Your generosity will be invaluable to PACES's outreach to the students and educators it helps.  All our programs are provided at no cost to students and educators. Therefore, the contributions of our donors are vital to the growth of PACES and the opportunities we provide. Please note, we are exempt from Federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  You may donate online or mail a check payable to Pittsburgh Assistance Center for Educators and Students, Inc. and sent to: Pittsburgh Assistance Center for Educators and Students, ATTN: Emily Lilly, 874 Kennebec Street, Pittsburgh, PA  15217. 

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Become a participant in one of the PACES programs or work with the staff to develop a program based on your school’s need.  Please contact us if you are interested.



We have filled our two available internship posts for spring 2015. PACES is happy to answer questions from prospective fall intern applicants. The deadline to apply for a fall 2015 internship is July 10, 2015. We are looking for college students who care about local education and want to receive an educational opportunity focusing on the formation, early-stage planning, and implementation of non-profit organizations. As an educational organization, we extend our mission and vision to the internship experience. We are committed to ensure that the internships are valuable, educational, and worthwhile experiences to the interns as they work to begin their future careers. View the internship description and application.



As our programs grow, we will need volunteers for tutoring, field trip implementation, and other events. Pennsylvania clearances may be required (Act 24, Act 34, and Act 151). Please contact us  if you are interested.

Pittsburgh Assistance Center for Educators and Students