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Hand Raisers


It pops in your head. An idea, or question, or maybe even an answer. You think it over a bit.  Whether you're a student in the classroom responding to a teacher's question or a parent hesitating to email the school, you must decide: Do you keep it to yourself and move on? Or do you do something more? Do you raise your hand? 

PACES believes to improve local educational opportunities and outcomes students, teachers, and the community must work collaboratively together. We strive to promote and assist such cooperative efforts. As such, we encourage all parties involved to become Hand Raisers. Hand Raisers ask questions, seek clarification, and become more informed about the realities of education in today's world. Periodically, PACES will organize Hand Raisers awareness campaigns to promote the expansion of open discussion and knowledge regarding school policies and areas for potential reform.

Awareness Campaigns

In February, 2016, we will launch our first Hand Raisers initiative. The theme will be "Hands Up for Healthy Schools!" and we will focus on healthy schools and healthy students. Like us on Facebook to receive daily prompts and discussion topics during this campaign. Check back soon on our website for an archive of "Hands Up for Healthy Schools!" resources. 

What do Hand Raisers do?

PACES encourages everyone to speak up and be active participants in education. Hand Raisers are simply people who want to know more about how education is working (or not working) in our schools. 

Hand Raisers...

  • Contact participants in education and become active participants themselves.
  • Ask meaningful questions in a respectful and constructive manner.
  • Seek clarification and further investigate issues.
  • Maintain open communication between education participants.
  • Pursue volunteer opportunities.
  • And, if needed, act to improve educational opportunities and outcomes for all. 

Who can be a Hand Raiser?

Anyone can be a Hand Raiser! 

  • Parents and Family Members
  • Students (of any age!)
  • Teachers and Administrators
  • Community Members and Volunteers

​PACES promotes meaningful collaboration and open communication between involved parties. Through the Hand Raisers initiative, we aim to provide the starting points for educational discussion and improvement. There is no official Hand Raisers enrollment or membership. This initiative is a general gathering of ideas, resources, tips, and stories aimed at fostering better relationships between schools, families, and the community.

Contact us if you are interested in taking the next steps to become a Hand Raiser (or if you are one already!).