In the spring of 2013, PACES began implementing its first programs.  Our goal is to seek grants and donations to fund our programs and make them available to students and educators at no cost. Below are statements from students and educators who participated in some of our programs. Read about all our programs on our main program page. 


Veterans: DRS

  • "PACES planned and led an engaging and moving “Discuss, Reflect, Serve” lesson about veterans. Students discussed the meaning of heroism and service and reflected on how to show gratitude to veterans. My students were inspired by what they learned, told their own family members’ stories, and had a productive and interactive discussion with the members of PACES. All around it was an excellent lesson and a great day!" Katelyn Doyle, teacher, Elizabeth Forward School District, November 2015

Connecting Community and Curriculum - Social Studies Outreach Programs 

  • "PACES has been one of the most helpful and knowledgeable organizations that the Pittsburgh Refugee Youth Summer Enrichment Academy (PRYSE) has partnered with. The staff truly understood the struggles that our refugee campers faced and helped to create programs specified to their unique needs. One of our campers raved about our visit to WQED, telling us that it was one of his 'most favorite places' he has ever visited. Everyone that we worked with through PACES was eager to help and provide their resources to our project. I look forward to future collaborations with PACES and would recommend their programs to any educator!" Lauren Benish, Co-Director of PRYSE Academy, August 2014

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  • "All teachers know that holding students' interest at the end of the year can be tough, to say the least, but PACES organized two wonderful experiences for us!  After seeking global connections on Craig Street, one student took his friends there after school to show them all the amenities they never knew existed right in Oakland.  Our second trip, to WQED, was a perfect example of PACES linking teachers and students to community resources.  We had a blast seeing how programs are filmed and aired, and everyone from the station was so friendly!  Both trips were fun for me and the students, while still teaching the kids something right up to the last day of school." Jennifer Miller, teacher, Pittsburgh Science & Technology Academy, summer 2014

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"Encounters: Art in the City" 

  • "This program has enhanced my overall experience as a university student [and]...has taught me a lot about community."  Danny Augenbraun, Pitt undergraduate student, spring 2014  
  • ​"This course made explicitly clear the intensive amount of work both in and outside the classroom needed to be an effective teacher."  Lauren Burgess, Pitt undergraduate student, spring 2014   
  • "It is a rare opportunity to foster young artists and guide them through the artistic process, and I feel privileged to say that I have had the chance to do this."​ Cyrille Froncek, Pitt undergraduate student, spring 2014  
  • "The Encounters program was a great opportunity in many ways....I felt like I could actually partake in something that REALLY impacted the community through the students." Grace Kelly, Pitt undergraduate student, spring 2014  

  • "I feel this project was the most rewarding academic experience I have had at Pitt." Joanna Kemp, Pitt undergraduate student, spring 2014  
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Writing Workshops

  • "PACES organized a wonderful project experience with my ninth-graders that fused a writing workshop with the creation of a website. Everyone was incredibly professional and a treat to have in the classroom. They have a great rapport with students and kept them engaged and excited throughout the process of producing multiple drafts of a written work. As anyone who has taught writing knows, it can be difficult to keep student excitement up when they are unfamiliar with this process. I highly recommend PACES to any teacher in the area." Katelyn Doyle, teacher, Elizabeth Forward School District, December 2013

STEM Outreach

  • "The children at our after-school program loved PACES!  Before the presentation, one child kept saying that he didn't like science.  At the end of the afternoon, he was the first to tell his dad everything he'd done. The rest of the children were equally excited.  They loved the hands-on experiences!" ​Flo Raisig, former kindergarten teacher and volunteer with the FROGS after-school program, fall 2014

  • PACES provides fantastically-organized teachers who get kids to learn while having fun. Program leaders communicate to kids on their level and keep them entertained through visual aids and participatory techniques centered on subjects of important issues in today’s world. We always look forward to their special visits and anticipate more to come. Judy Mysels, FROGS after-school program director, fall 2015

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