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In December, PACES visited Allderdice and provided workshops for four classes. We were guests of Ms. Wilkins-Bienkowski, who teaches seniors (including AP English and CAS English) at Allderdice. For this workshop, PACES consulted with teaching faculty at local universities about common challenges for college freshmen writers. We presented examples of syllabi and freshmen comp writing assignments for the college-bound high school students. PACES led discussion about professors' expectations for writing assignments, the differences between writing in high school and college, and how work in high school can be used as an opportunity to prepare for college writing. Current and former PACES interns joined the workshop and candidly answered questions about their own college struggles and successes.

Thanks to Ms. Wilkins-Bienkowski, the Allderdice students, and our college-student volunteers for helping make this workshop meaningful and productive! We enjoyed meeting these wonderful high school seniors and are excited to see what the future holds for them.


Essay Writing in High School and Beyond

In July, PACES ran a writing workshop for high school students attending the 2Steps2Work program (provided by Workforce Development Global Alliance). PACES board member Josh Zelesnick, who is a college instructor, led the workshop which focused on general aspects and tips for essay writing. Students met on Pitt's campus in the Cathedral of Learning, thanks to the support of Pitt's English Department. 

This small group of students received one-on-one feedback and engaged in discussion about writing. Thanks to all the students for their great participation! It was obvious to PACES members there is a lot of potential in this group!

PACES intern Lauren Stroble talks with a student after the workshop about his college plans. 

Students in the 2Steps2Work program and instructor Josh Zelesnick.














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Programs - Writing Workshops

PACES provides writing workshops for local teachers and students. Like all our programs, there is no cost for schools or educators to participate. PACES works with the teacher to ensure our assistance aligns with the curriculum. Workshops can take different forms: 

  1. Multi-day one-on-one and small group assistance for students as they complete a writing assignment, with PACES offering constructive feedback, help with editing, and teacher support to ensure a finished, polished piece demonstrating growth in written communications skills for all students; or   
  2. One-day/one-class workshops focused on a specific topic chosen by the teacher. Topics are varied and reinforce the work being done in the classroom.

Recent Programs

Writing in College -
​A Workshop for Seniors at Pittsburgh Allderdice High School

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